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The interior is modern and tropical in style, combining crisp white with earthly materials. Designed for a family of five with the love of hosting friends and family members, the dining area was designed with custom-made solid walnut wood dining table to accommodate a sitting of up to 8 people. Paired alongside the dining table is a custom-made sideboard with sycamore veneer for guest to refill their drinks and food. The bedrooms at the second-storey are luxurious in various styles, where feeling of relaxation and individuality of style prevails in each bedroom. Both the master bath and common bath was introduced with a double basin system as to allow the couple and their children not to have to struggle for a basin during the morning rush hour to work and to school. A bathtub was introduced with a separate shower area in the master bathroom which was accompanied by polished sandstone on the walls and floors of the bathroom to achieve a luxurious feel. The daughters however, wanted to have high-end bisazza mosaics to be used in their children's bathroom. After much deliberation the mosaics was used as a mural. In the attic, an entertainment room was designed with sycamore bookmatched veneer. It is a place where the family watches shows, plays a game of chess, and spending quality time together. In the attic bathroom, rich warm wood tiles can be seen, an attempt to match the overall architectural style of the house.

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