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The horizontal metal slat facade acts as a sun-shading device and provide privacy for the living spaces on the second floor while serving as an outer 'skin' to simplify the form of the structure, giving the facade a modern and clean look.
Having walled in on both sides, Renaissance designed a skylight that helps brighten up the interior of the house. A koi fish pond was also designed into the living space of the house to encourage the use of natural ventilation.

Renaissance designed an open-plan living in favour for the building's compact footprint and improved cross ventilation from the front door to the rear. With the interior spaces being mostly white with some red as visual markers for the space, it creates the illusion of spaciousness.
Cutting down unnecessary details for a minimalist look, Renaissance designed the dining room wall with two thin inset stainless steel strips sliding doors to provide a sense of continuity. On the contrary, the existing two bedrooms were combined into one spacious master suite with ensuite bathroom and study area with contrast to the white interior spaces below, an abundance of timber surfaces used to create a cozy, more intimate feel.

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