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This inter-terrace house along Thomson Terrace was a place a newly-wedded couple could start their brand new family together. The couple wanted a modern transformation to the existing dark and dated structure, as their brief was to make the house as contemporary as possible with minimalistic spaces that are easy to maintain. Renaissance Planners & Designers' treatment of the facade makes the structure stand out like a bright beacon amongst the sea of similar 1970s-style houses. The newly installed slim-frame white windows, paired with light grey roof shingles, enhanced by the new metal gate with simple design of horizontal lines, and a low planter box right next to the walkway, allows for a fresh and current look with a touch of greenery.

Once stepped inside the front door, a split level separates the living and dining, which is one step up from the living space. Renaissance Planners & Designers took the chance to create a den-like feel with the 'sunken' living space, which works well with the small footprint of the ground floor. With the kitchen, dining, and one bedroom located at the higher level, removing the bedroom allows Renaissance to implement an integrated kitchen and dining area anchored by a bespoke cantilevered dining table.

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