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The brief was to create a modern tropical design which encapsulates the essence of living in the tropics. Traditionally, basements are dim and separated from the rest of the house, but not in this house. The solution was to create open spaces that encourage natural ventilation, taking advantage of the height and existing view. This resulted in the basement which unfolds dramatically into a double volume linking the dining area and the living area as one. We incorporated a black spiral staircase which connects the two levels while allowing openness and natural lighting to enter the space. Solid Burmese wood teak was use on the staircase. In keeping to the overall theme of modern tropical, large solid chengai windows and sliding doors was introduced. This openness also allows filtered indirect natural lighting into the interior to maintain a bright and airy feel. The entire living and dining area have a panoramic view of the exterior. With the living and dining area taken up the basement and first level, the bedrooms is then designed to be at the second level; providing more privacy to the homeowners. At the attic level, the entertainment room and outdoor terrace was introduced. The family of five would spend most evenings enjoying the view of the South Buona Vista area while having a meal at the outdoor dining in the terrace together.

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