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Renaissance Planners & Designers is a Singapore-based design firm, established in 1994 by Mr Kelvin Bing. Having worked at several architecture and interior firms in Singapore and Japan before starting his own boutique design company, Mr Kelvin has extensive experience in designing both residential and commercial spaces. Since its inception, all projects have been personally liaised and directed by Mr Kelvin. Renaissance has designed hotels, private villas, penthouses and offices in Singapore and several other Asian countries.


The projects designed, managed and delivered by Renaissance Planners & Designers are modern and minimalistic. Our designs are about the nuances of the harmony and balance between several different visual elements working together. This results in the omission of the inessentials in order to emphasise the important. We have found that the notion of simplicity requires patience, care, thought and knowledge. It is the process of distilling a spatial idea to its very essence by reduction and refinement that allows the subtle nuances of the material to speak for itself. We do not propose a particular design style instead; we use an abstract vocabulary of form that permits investigating the widest range of approach to create an appropriate and timeless design language. We strive to create a harmonious play between the interior and exterior, the interpenetrations and study of a site, the proportions, scale, light and the sheer physicality of creating ‘living’ spaces. There is a sense of wholeness where you can sit anywhere in a room and always feel entirely comfortable. In designing spaces, we strive to use monolithic materials as a reflection of an attitude about space, surface and sense of volume. Spaces are transcended into a ‘positive space’ within an integrated internal programming of the layout planning. As designers, we listen to and observe our clients closely and carry out extensive research to understand their vision, needs and preferences. By such means, we are able to tailor our client's approach, anticipate their needs and ensure that our design solutions align with their objectives.


We offer a complete design, manage and deliver approach to all our projects from design inception and material specifications to incorporating professional inputs and appointment of contractors and specialists. We will oversee and work down to the finest details of even choosing lamps and bathroom hooks.

We are equipped to engage other professionals that can bring in skills and expertise where necessary to enhance efficiency, leverage complementary skills and ensure quality assurance. Our specialists and contractors combine deep sector and product knowledge with strong client relationships to identify and optimise the ideal property solution tailored to our clients’ individual requirements.

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